Brooks Institute for Sports Science

Value Proposition/Vision/Missions

What is “Clemson Motorsports”?

A brand and value proposition that represents Clemson University’s commitment to the motorsports industry, manifested through high-performance engineering and research and technology applications in motorsports

Clemson Motorsports is driven and fueled by the Brooks Institute for Sports Science, CU-ICAR and the Campbell Graduate Engineering Center, the Computational Center for Mobility Systems, nationally ranked engineering & business programs, top caliber faculty and students, cutting-edge research capabilities, and other unique resources relevant to the motorsports industry.

Clemson Motorsports Vision:

To be globally recognized as an innovative, top-tier research university in the field of motorsports.

Clemson Motorsports Missions:

  1. To develop partnerships & collaborations with the motorsports industry that support and accelerate the Vision of Clemson University – through engagement of faculty, researchers and students with motorsports industry partners on multiple levels.
  2. To create a unique higher education experience & associated career opportunities for Clemson University undergraduate & graduate students interested in the field of motorsports – through faculty mentoring, and direct interaction with the motorsports industry.
  3. To deliver high-impact technology, high-performance engineering solutions, and world-class workforce talent to motorsports industry partners – by providing them access to top students & faculty, excellent research, and unique testing capabilities.
  4. To create value-added relationships with motorsports industry partners that will build the Clemson University brand to targeted audiences around the world – resulting in the attraction of top-flight students and faculty, and the generation of revenue to fuel core university missions and emphasis areas.