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Important Information



Tri-ART Coordinator – Nancy Martin (
Phone: 864-656-8278


  • Children under 3 are not allowed.  
  • Children cannot be left unattended for any reason.
  • Chaperones and teachers are expected to maintain order and discipline within their group. No food, drinks, excessive talking, or disruptive noise-making will be allowed.
  • For sold out shows, we will have assigned seating for both schools and home schools. Please check your confirmation email as you will only have seats for the number of tickets purchased. We will not be able to acccomodate extra guests. 
  • Inclement Weather Policy: When Clemson University is closed, the Brooks Center cannot lawfully remain open to present performances.  While some facilities around campus maintain "auxiliary" status and therefore may remain open, our facility does NOT have this status and MUST close. We are required to cancel scheduled performances if the university closes for any reason. Check the South Carolina Emergency Managment Division's website regarding status of state offices. If Pickens county is closed, the Brooks Center is closed.


  • The new Tri-ART season in posted online in July. Reservations open (typically, but not always) the Friday before the box office opens in August.
  • Reservation forms will be accepted via mail only.
  • Checks should be made out to Clemson University.
  • Once your request(s) are processed, you will receive an email confirmation form. Please check this carefully. Depending on the popularity of the requested show(s) you may or may not receive all shows requested. 


  • All parking is given on a first come, first serve basis.  
  • The Brooks Center is not responsible for parking tickets or other parking issues.
  • Additional parking is available on the lawn off of Kappa Street.


  • When arriving in the parking lot, first SEE THE PARKING ATTENDANT to get the REQUIRED parking pass and directions to designated parking spaces.  In order to receive a parking permit, you will need to show your confirmation form to the parking attendant.
  • Due to limited parking, we encourage you to carpool. If you would like to sit together, please arrive together.
  • After the show, those traveling by car and special needs buses will be dismissed first. 


  • A bus driver cannot be the driver and the chaperone. A chaperone, in addition to the driver, is required for each group.
  • Buses will receive a bus number and matching lanyard for the teacher to be returned to the parking attendant after the show. 
  • It is important to allow EXTRA TRAVEL TIME, especially for large groups, inclement weather and restroom breaks. Always confirm your transportation (number of buses, arrival times, etc.).
  • After the show, those traveling by car and special needs buses will be dismissed first. Please wait until your bus number is called before leaving the theatre.
  • Bus drivers should plan to be in their buses by the end of the show in case a parking attendant requests them to move.


  • Tri-ART takes place in the Brooks Center Theatre. When walking up the brick breezeway from the parking lot, the entrance to the lobby is the first set of double doors on your right.
  • Please give your school name or last name (homeschools) to the Tri-ART representative as you enter the lobby.Failure to check in will constitute an absence. We will not accept reservations for the following season from schools/homeschools who failed to attend three or more reserved events without notification.
  • Late arrivals will be seated at appropriate intervals during performances.


  • Performances begin at 9:30 am and run for approximately one hour, unless otherwise noted.
  • The doors to the theatre open approximately 30 minutes before the performance. 
  • The confirmation form serves as your admission to Tri-ART events in lieu of tickets.No refunds or exchanges.
  • If you are unable to use all or part of your reservation, please notify the box office by phone or email as soon as possible so that another child can see the show.
Did You Know?

Over 12,335 students from 54 schools participated in the Eskridge Tri-ART Series last season,  enjoying a variety of programming including chamber music, theater, and special attractions.