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Volume III

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Bardolph's Farewell to the Late Sir John
by Walter Haden

The Fool, Folly, and the World Upside-Down in Measure for Measure
by Jean Klene

Farce as Function in Medieval and Shakespearean Drama
by Josie P. Campbell

From Festivity to Spectacle: The Canterbury Tales, Fragment I and A Midsummer Night's Dream
by James Andreas

King John's Bastard
by Richard A. Levin

The Theme of Destruction and Rebuilding in King Lear
by Nancy D. Hargrove

Shakespeare's Timon of Athens and Renaissance Diogeniana
by Peter Pauls

"Children of divers kind": A Reading of Romeo and Juliet
by John B. Harcourt

Tate's Cordelia: Bonds Broken and Rejoined
by Robert F. Willson, Jr.

William Dunbar's Sultry Pre-Shakespearean Dark Lady
by Robert F. Fleissner

Hamlet and Paternity
by Rupin and Desai

The 1980 Alabama Shakespeare Festival
by Craig Wallace Barrow