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Volume IV

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Sonnet 126
by William Shakespeare

Frontispiece. . .Time's Fickle Glass
by Ron Gifford

Of Truth, Self-Reflexiveness in Shakespeare's Sonnets and Plays
by Paul Ramsey

Denying Denial
by Paul Ramsey

Verdi's Falstaff and The Merry Wives of Winsor
by Robert B, Fazakerly

One Re-Interpreting Henry IV
by David Collins

Henry V: Majesty and the Man
by Amy Lynch

The Cobbler, the Disrobed Image, and the Motif of Movement in Julius Caeser
by William B. Toole

The Gobbos and Christian "Seeing" in The Merchant of Venice
by Michael W. Shurgot

The Catastrophe of The Tempest
by Gary Schmidgall

Northumberland's "Persuasion": Reflections on Richard II
by Paul Gaudet

The Cycle of Sin in Shakespeare's Late Plays
by W. B. Thorne