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Volume VIII

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Hamlet at Sea
by Peter Cummings

Shakespeare's Fusion of the Arts
by J. L. Styan

"Meaner Parties": Spousal Conventions and Oral Culture in Measure for Measureand All's Well That Ends Well
by Alan Powers

Theories of History in Richard II
by H. R. Coursen

"Teeth of Emulation": Failed Sacrifice in Julius Caesar
by Alan Hagar

"Oh Scotland, Scotland": The Anti-Heroic Play of Macbeth
by David Pollard

Gesture in Coriolanus: Textual Cures for Actor and Audience
by Paul Gaudet

Shakespeare's Timon of Athens and Catharsis
by D. Douglas Waters

A Wife Lost and/or Found
by Joyce Wexler

The 1987 Alabama Shakespeare Festival 
by Craig Barrow