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Volume XI

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Paul Ramsey: A Tribute 
by James R. Andreas

Two Poems
by Paul Ramsey

The Aspiring Mind of the King's Man
by Kay Stockholder

"A formal man again": Physiological Humours in The Comedy of Errors
by Alberto Cacicedo

The History of Troilus and Cressida
by Mark Robert Dodd

Inaction in Othello and Hamlet
by Daniel W. Ross and Brooke K. Horvath

"His quarry cries on hauocke": Is It Shakespeare's Own Judgment on the Meaning of Hamlet?
by J. Anthony Burton

Cordelia's Kind Nursey
by John Wasson

Christian Vision and Iconography in Pericles
by Sara Hanna

The "Beste Noire": The Medieval Role of the Boar in Venus and Adonis
by Robert P. Merrix

The Literary Evidence for Shakespeare as Hand D in the Manuscript Play Sir Thomas More
by Paul Ramsey

The 1991 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: All's Well That Ends Well
by Craig and Diana Barrow