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Volume XII

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Three Sonnets of Love and Age
by Peter Cummings

"Every good servant does not all commands": Shakespeare's Servants and the Duty to Disobey
by Linda Anderson

"Authentic in your place and person": Shakespeare and the Problem of Reindentification
by William W. E. Slights

Staging the Evidence: Shakespeare's Theatrical Revengers
by Douglas E. Green

Community, Narrativity, and Empowerment in Julia Margaret Cameron's Photgraphic Readings of Shakespeare
by Constance Relihan

The Comic Equilibrium of Much Ado About Nothing
by Morriss Partee

Fate and Fortune in Romeo and Juliet
by Douglas Waters

by Michael Cameron Andrews

Othello's Jealousy and the "Gate of Hell"
by Michael W. Shurgot

Absence and Subversion: the "O'erflow" of Gender in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra
by J. Robert Baker

The Joining of Male and Female: An Alchemical of Transmutation in Antony and Cleopatra
by Mary Ann Curtis

The Alchemical Storm: Etymology, Wordplay, and New World Kairos in Shakespeare's The Tempest
by Peter Cummings

"The Phoenix Re-Viewed"
by Robert Fleissner

Alabama Shakespeare Review, 1992
by Craig Barrow