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Volume XV

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Lear in the Country Near Dover
by Peter Cummings

Shakespeare on Film and Television
by H. R. Coursen

Mother's Word and The Comedy of Errors: Notes Toward a Constitution of Shakespearean Patriarchy
by Douglas Green

The Psychology of Primacy and Recency Effects Upon Audience Response inTwelfth Night
by James Lake

Measure for Measure and Law Reform in 1604
by Alan Powers

Chaucer in Shakespeare: The Case of The Nun's Priest's Tale and Troilus and Cressida
by Lewis Walker

Anti-Theatricalism and Revolutionary Desire in Hamlet
by Grace Tiffany

"The Heart of the Mystery": Emblematic Revelation in the Hamlet Play Scene
by Walter L. Barker

Othello's Bianca: Climbing Out of the Bed of Patriarchy
by Nina Rulon-Miller

Suppressed Design in Shakespeare's Sonnets: Toward Envisioning the Lost "First Folio"
by Roy Neil Graves

Montague or Capulet? Romeo and Juliet: III. i. 84
by Robert W. Witt

William Kemp as "Upstart Crow"
by Winifred L. Frazer

The "Upstart Crow" Reclawed: Was it Kemp, Wilson, Allyn, or Shakespeare?
by Robert F. Fleissner

"For There is an Upstart Crow"
by D. Allen Carroll

The 1995 Alabama Shakespeare Festival Production of Henry VI, Part 1
by Craig Barrow