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Volume XVIII

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A Crow Signals
by H. R. Coursen

Representations of Race in Renaissance Art
by Peter Erickson

Theological and Materialist Studies of Shakespeare
by F. Elizabeth Hart

Shakespeare the Survivor: Or, Shakespeare and the Politics of the Curriculum
by Martha Tuck Rozett

Shakespeare's Lucky Banana Peel
by Robert D. Anson

"Three"-floating Sexuality: Viola's Identity in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
by Michaela Roll

"The Condition of My Estate": Conjuring Identity and Estrangement in As You Like It
by John R. Ford

You Can Call Me Al: Looking at Looking at Richard
by David Linton

The King's Three Bodies: The Textual King and the Logic of Obedience in Henry V
by Walter W. Cannon

"Defeated Joy": Melancholy and Eudaemonia in Hamlet
by Eric P. Levy

MacDuff's Dilemma: Anticipation of Existentialist Ethics in MacBeth
by John F. Hennedy

Edgar's Audience and Shakespeare's: A Comparison
by Eileen Z. Cohen

Boying Greatness: Shakespeare's Venus
by Peter Hyland

The 1998 Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Antony and Cleopatra
by Craig Barrow