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Volume XX

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American Standard 
by Paul Muldoon

Intersections: The Editor, the Director, and the Theatre Historian 
by Allen C. Dessen

Will's Monosyllable
by Alan Powers

Philobats and Ocnophils: Romantic Pairings in 
Shakespeare and Film
by Marina Favila

The Splintered Glass
by James Schiffer

The Theatricality of Rot in Thomas Middleton's The Revenger's Tragedy and William Shakespeare's Hamlet 
by Mark King

"This is Venice: my house is not a grange": 
The Sheep and the Goats in Othello 
by Lisa Hopkins

"The Fountain, from which my current runs": 
A Jungian Interpretation of Othello 
by Greg Andrew Hurwitz

The Pathology of Rhetoric in Coriolanus
by Yvonne Bruce

Rhetoric and the Tragedy in The Winter's Tale 
by Adam McKeown

Shakespeare's Tempest: The Awareness of Death as a Catalyst to Wisdom
by Lisa Marciano

"The taller is the daughter" in As You Like It
by Rodney Stenning Edgecombe

"Words, Words, Words": ACTER and Shenandoah Shakespeare Perform for Clemson Shakespeare Festival 2000
by John R. Ford

The 2000 Ashland Shakespeare Festival
by Michael W. Shurgot

The 2000 Alabama Shakespeare Festival 
by Craig Barrow

A Review of Shakespeare's Sonnets: Critical Essays Edited by James Schiffer
by Richard A. Levin