Center for China Studies

Summer Program in Beijing

We are pleased to announce the continuation of an exciting summer program in Beijing!

In the past two summers, the Clemson University Center for China Studies sent some of our best students to Tsinghua University as interns working for its English Summer Camp. Tsinghua University has been ranked No. 1 out of all Chinese universities. In addition to the current President and Vice President of China, Tsinghua boasts an extensive list of successful and influential alumni in China and across the world.
The 2013 Tsinghua English Summer Camp will provide you with a unique opportunity to engage with the brightest Chinese students by sharing your knowledge of the English language and American culture. At the camp, you will also work closely with other students from prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia University, UC-Berkeley, and University of Chicago. Next summer, the camp will be held from June 28 to July 19, and promises an exhilarating cultural and learning experience.
If accepted, you will be paid with a stipend in addition to free lodging on the Tsinghua campus, free mealsand Internet access for the duration of the summer program. Clemson University Center for China Studies will also consider scholarships to subsidize international travel costs on a competitive merit basis.
Clemson University Center for China studies will be taking applications for next summer to send another group of five students to Beijing for this exciting Internship Program. The application deadline is Friday, February 1, 2013. Please email your application to Your application should include a personal statement, curriculum vitae, and two recommendation letters. The Internship Program Committee will review your applications shortly after the deadline.