Clemson Institute for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Research Areas

Advanced Materials

  • Navy Center of Excellence in Composites Manufacturing
    One of nine Centers of Excellence (COE) that serve as technology resources to Office of Naval Research (ONR) under the Navy Manufacturing Technology Program (ManTech).
  • 36 member consortium supports all Navy platforms

Nano Technology

  • Change platform signatures on the fly
  • Applies to ground and air vehicles

Sustainment Technology

  • Improved packaging for rations
    Today’s packaging materials must not only provide containment that ensures long-term barrier protection against temperature, humidity, vermin, and handling, they must also provide tamperproof security against environmental attacks.
  • Nutraceuticals for food additives


  • Advanced prosthetics
    Becoming a recognized leader in advancing state of the art prosthetics design through the use of advanced composite materials.
  • Medical applications

Information Sciences

  • C4ISR support for small unit operations

Ground Robotics

Clemson University has featured a leading robotics program for over 20 years. The program has attracted some of the most prominent researchers in the field. Traditional and current strengths of the program include sensing and control, as well as hardware design and modeling.