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About CLRC

Clinical Learning and Resource Center Library Study RoomOur Mission

The Clinical Learning and Research Center supports the current and anticpated instructional, research, and service programs of the College of Health, Education, and Human Development. This responsibility entails the availability, aquistion, organization, and maintenance of print and non-print resources necessary for the programs of COHEHD.

Our Objectives

 The Clinical Learning and Resource Center (CLRC) in Edwards Hall will provide and support:

 1.1  Resource collections for the nursing and public health curricula;

1.2  Rich media tools, which include Mediasite, SIMCapture, and videoconferencing for faculty and students;

1.3  Classroom technology;

1.4  A computer lab, study rooms, meeting spaces and wireless access for students and faculty; and

1.5  A healthy and safe CLRC working and learning environment for nursing and public health students, faculty, and staff.