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Kaplan Testing

CLRCThe Learning Resource Center is in partnership with the School of Nursing and the Greenville, SC Kaplan Center in administrating the Kaplan/Lippincott Integrated Testing throughout your junior and senior year of nursing school.  

The Learning Resource Center provides the following services for students and faculty:

  • Distribution of  The Basics Books for Junior I students
  • Distribution of the The Course Book for Senior II students
  • Booking classroom / lab space for faculty to test in Edwards, Lehotsky and Barre Hall
  • Assisting with technology/laptop use in the labs
  • Providing a Mediasite/Powerpoint  presentation on "Kaplan Exams:What You Need to Know"

Kaplan Exams: What You Need to Know (ppt)
Please click on the link above, read and familiarize yourself with the information regarding Integrated Testing.

Mediasite Kaplan Presentation,  click here.
Take a few minutes to view this rich media presentation.


If you are a JR I you will take these exams:

Pharmacological/Parenteral Therapy

If you are a JR II you will take these exams:

Critical Thinking

If you are a SR I you will take these exams:

Psychosocial Nursing
OB/GYN and Growth and Development
Pediatric Nursing

If you are a SR II you will take these exams:

Critical Thinking
Management and Professional Issues
Medical-Surgical Comprehensive

For the NCLEX board exam you will take these exams:


Each exam has approximately 75-85 questions. The NCLEX prep exams have approximately 180 questions per exam.