Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET)

Publications — 2005

2005 COMSET Journal Publications

Segregation-induced grain boundary premelting in nickel-doped tungsten
Luo J, Gupta VK, Yoon DH, et al.
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS   Volume: 87   Issue: 23 Article Number: 231902   Published: DEC 5 2005

Dynamic tuning of photoluminescent dyes in crystalline colloidal arrays
Lawrence JR, Shim GH, Jiang P, et al.
ADVANCED MATERIALS   Volume: 17   Issue: 19   Pages: 2344-+   Published: OCT 4 2005

Electric-field-induced rejection wavelength tuning of photonic bandgap composites
Xia JQ, Ying YR, Foulger SH
ADVANCED MATERIALS   Volume: 17   Issue: 20   Pages: 2463-+   Published: OCT 17 2005

Materials for freezing light
Ballato J, Ballato A
WAVES IN RANDOM AND COMPLEX MEDIA   Volume: 15   Issue: 1   Pages: 113-118   Published: FEB 2005

Optical properties of perfluorocyclobutyl polymers. III. Spectroscopic characterization of rare-earth-doped perfluorocyclobutyl polymers
Gordon J, Ballato J, Smith DW, et al.
JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA B-OPTICAL PHYSICS   Volume: 22   Issue: 8   Pages: 1654-1659   Published: AUG 2005

Nanometer-thick surficial films in oxides as a case of prewetting
Luo J, Chiang YM, Cannon RM
LANGMUIR   Volume: 21   Issue: 16   Pages: 7358-7365   Published: AUG 2 2005

Impact of hexafluoroisopropylidene on the solubility of aromatic-based polymers in supercritical fluids
Shen ZH, McHugh MA, Smith DW, et al.
JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE   Volume: 97   Issue: 4   Pages: 1736-1743   Published: AUG 15 2005

1-dimensional structures of poly( 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT): a chemical route to tubes, rods, thimbles, and belts
Han MG, Foulger SH
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS   Issue: 24   Pages: 3092-3094   Published: 2005

Synthesis and hyperpolarizabilities of high temperature triarylamine-polyene chromophores
Suresh S, Zengin H, Spraul BK, et al.
TETRAHEDRON LETTERS   Volume: 46   Issue: 22   Pages: 3913-3916   Published: MAY 30 2005

Frozen light in periodic stacks of anisotropic layers
Ballato J, Ballato A, Figotin A, et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW E   Volume: 71   Issue: 3 Article Number: 036612   Part: Part 2   Published: MAR 2005

Single molecule nanoparticles of the conjugated polymer MEH-PPV, preparation and characterization by near-field scanning optical microscopy
Szymanski C, Wu CF, Hooper J, et al.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B   Volume: 109   Issue: 18   Pages: 8543-8546   Published: MAY 12 2005

Synthesis of core-shell silver colloidal particles by surface immobilization of an azo-initiator
Bao H, Chumanov G, Czerw R, et al.
COLLOID AND POLYMER SCIENCE   Volume: 283   Issue: 6   Pages: 653-661   Published: MAR 2005

Multicolor pattern generation in photonic bandgap composites
Jiang P, Smith DW, Ballato JM, et al.
ADVANCED MATERIALS   Volume: 17   Issue: 2   Pages: 179-+   Published: JAN 31 2005