Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET)

Publications — 2007

2007 COMSET Journal Publications

Mixed chromophore perfluorocyclobutyl (PFCB) copolymers for tailored light emission
Neilson AR, Budy SM, Ballato JM, et al.
MACROMOLECULES   Volume: 40   Issue: 26   Pages: 9378-9383   Published: DEC 25 2007

Synthesis, characterization, and surface morphology of pendant polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane perfluorocyclobutyl aryl ether copolymers
Iacono ST, Budy SM, Mabry JM, et al.
MACROMOLECULES   Volume: 40   Issue: 26   Pages: 9517-9522   Published: DEC 25 2007

Layer-by-layer deposition of zirconia thin films from aqueous solutions
Arcot PK, Luo J
MATERIALS LETTERS   Volume: 62   Issue: 1   Pages: 117-120   Published: JAN 15 2008

Science and technology of perfluorocyclobutyl aryl ether polymers
Iacono ST, Budy SM, Jin JY, et al.
JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY   Volume: 45   Issue: 24   Pages: 5705-5721   Published: DEC 15 2007

Modeling dissimilar optical fiber splices with substantial diffusion
Luo J
JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY   Volume: 25   Issue: 11   Pages: 3575-3579   Published: NOV 2007

Preparation and characterization of bis-ortho-diynylarene (BODA)-derived submicrogratings
Zengin H, Zengin G, Zhou W, et al.
POLYMER ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE   Volume: 47   Issue: 12   Pages: 2095-2099   Published: DEC 2007

Facile synthesis of hydrophobic fluoroalkyl functionalized silsesquioxane nanostructures
Iacono ST, Vij A, Grabow W, et al.
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS   Issue: 47   Pages: 4992-4994   Published: 2007

Functionalization of crystalline colloidal arrays through click chemistry
Evanoff DD, Hayes SE, Ying Y, et al.
ADVANCED MATERIALS   Volume: 19   Issue: 21   Pages: 3507-+   Published: NOV 5 2007

"Turn-on'' fluorescent sensor for the selective detection of zinc ion by a sterically-encumbered bipyridyl-based receptor
Dennis AE, Smith RC
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS   Issue: 44   Pages: 4641-4643   Published: 2007

Structural determination of light-emitting inorganic nanoparticles with complex core/shell architectures
DiMaio JR, Kokuoz B, James TL, et al.
ADVANCED MATERIALS   Volume: 19   Issue: 20   Pages: 3266-+   Published: OCT 19 2007

Dizinc enzyme model/complexometric indicator pairs in indicator displacement assays for inorganic phosphates under physiological conditions
Morgan BP, He S, Smith RC
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY   Volume: 46   Issue: 22   Pages: 9262-9266   Published: OCT 29 2007

Sulfonated fluorovinylene aromatic ether polymers for proton exchange membranes
Iacono ST, Ewald D, Sankhe A, et al.
HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYMERS   Volume: 19   Issue: 5-6   Pages: 581-591   Published: OCT-DEC 2007

Effect of hexafluoroisopropylidene on perfluorocyclobutyl aryl ether copolymer solution behavior in supercritical CO2 and propane
Liu J, Spraul BK, Topping C, et al.
MACROMOLECULES   Volume: 40   Issue: 16   Pages: 5973-5977   Published: AUG 7 2007

First identification of biradicals during thermal [2 pi + 2 pi] cyclopolymerization of trifluorovinyl aromatic ethers
Mifsud N, Mellon V, Jin JY, et al.
POLYMER INTERNATIONAL   Volume: 56   Issue: 9   Pages: 1142-1146   Published: SEP 2007

Nonlinear optical scattering and absorption in bismuth nanorod suspensions
Sivaramakrishnan S, Muthukumar VS, Sai SS, et al.
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS   Volume: 91   Issue: 9 Article Number: 093104   Published: AUG 27 2007

Synthesis, characterization, and properties of chain terminated polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane-functionalized perfluorocyclobutyl aryl ether copolymers
Iacono ST, Budy SM, Mabry JM, et al.
POLYMER   Volume: 48   Issue: 16   Pages: 4637-4645   Published: JUL 27 2007

Lasing in a gain-guided index antiguided fiber
Chen Y, Sudesh V, McComb T, et al.
JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA B-OPTICAL PHYSICS   Volume: 24   Issue: 8   Pages: 1683-1688   Published: AUG 2007

Elliptical micro-ring organic lasers
Korade PR, Ballato J, Gregory RV
JOURNAL OF OPTICS A-PURE AND APPLIED OPTICS   Volume: 9   Issue: 7   Pages: L9-L11   Published: JUL 2007

Carbonization and thermal expansion of glassy carbon derived from bis-ortho-diynylarenes
Iacono ST, Perpall MW, Wapner PG, et al.
CARBON   Volume: 45   Issue: 5   Pages: 931-935   Published: APR 2007

Thin intergranular films and solid-state activated sintering in nickel-doped tungsten
Gupta VK, Yoon DH, Meyer HM, et al.
ACTA MATERIALIA   Volume: 55   Issue: 9   Pages: 3131-3142   Published: MAY 2007

Polymer microstructured fibers by one-step extrusion
Mignanelli M, Wani K, Ballato J, et al.
OPTICS EXPRESS   Volume: 15   Issue: 10   Pages: 6183-6189   Published: MAY 14 2007

Polyaniline coated poly(butyl methacrylate) core-shell particles: roll-to-roll printing of templated electrically conductive structures
Han MG, Sperry J, Gupta A, et al.
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY   Volume: 17   Issue: 14   Pages: 1347-1352   Published: 2007

Electrochemical tuning the optical properties of crystalline colloidal arrays composed of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) coated silica particles
Norton J, Han MG, Jiang P, et al.
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY   Volume: 17   Issue: 12   Pages: 1149-1153   Published: 2007

Theoretical determination of lasing resonances in a microring
Baktur R, Pearson LW, Ballato J
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS   Volume: 101   Issue: 4 Article Number: 043102   Published: FEB 15 2007

Radical addition of a conjugated polymer to multilayer fullerenes (carbon nano-onions)
Rettenbacher AS, Perpall MW, Echegoyen L, et al.
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS   Volume: 19   Issue: 6   Pages: 1411-1417   Published: MAR 20 2007

Optical characterization of infrared emitting rare-earth-doped fluoride nanocrystals and their transparent nanocomposites
Kumar GA, Chen CW, Ballato J, et al.
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS   Volume: 19   Issue: 6   Pages: 1523-1528   Published: MAR 20 2007

Pressure tuning the optical transmission properties of photonic band gap composites
Ying YR, Xia JQ, Foulger SH
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS   Volume: 90   Issue: 7 Article Number: 071110   Published: FEB 12 2007

Highly luminescent Eu3+ chelate nanoparticles prepared by a reprecipitation-encapsulation method
Peng HS, Wu CF, Jiang YF, et al.
LANGMUIR   Volume: 23   Issue: 4   Pages: 1591-1595   Published: FEB 13 2007