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Electron Microscopes and Material Characterization Instrumentation

All of the electron microscopes in the facility are manufactured by Hitachi.
View/Download an overview of our electron microscopes.


View more information on the NB5000

Ion beam – Ga ions
Energy – 40 kV & 60-100 nA
Resolution – 5 nm @ 40 kV

E beam – Schotkey diode
Energy – 30 kV variable current
Resolution – 1 nm @ 30 kV

Provides ultra-high-resolution FE SEM.
Exceptional ion milling stability and high performance
Automated mill-and-monitor operations for 3D reconstructions
Slicing steps less than 10 nm.
Dual optics mode with magnetic-field-free live imaging during FIB milling.
Analytical Capabilities: EDS, EBSD

TEM Sample Prep
Sample manipulation
Surface treatment
3D Microscopy
Ion imaging
Ion-induced SE imaging


View more information on the H9500

Source – LaB6
Resolution – 0.1 nm at 300 kV
Best resolution at Clemson University
Magnification – X 2,000,000

Inorganic materials
Polymeric materials
Monitoring crystal lattice
Diffraction analysis


Download information on the capabilites of the Autosorb iQ instrument.

Quantachrome Autosorb iQ Gas Sorption Analyzer, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Clemson recently acquired a gas sorption analyzer that provides new capabilities for characterizing porous materials. The instrument is a Quantachrome Autosorb iQ, pictured right. It is capable of making a wide variety of gas physisorption and chemisorption measurements on solid samples, that may be complementary to microscopic measurements of sample structure on sub-micrometer scales.

For information on rates, click here.

For information on how to submit samples for analysis, click here for chemisorption analysis or click here for physisorption analysis.


Download information on the capabilites of the HD2000 Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope.

Source – Field Emission
Resolution – 0.24 nm at 200 kV
Magnification – X 2,000,000

Fast sample throughput 20 to 30 times faster than TEM
Chemical analysis with EDS
Ideally suited for industrial applications where faster sample throughput and TEM resolution is required.
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
Spot/Linescan/Mapping 0.8nm/0.5nm/0.3nm


120 kV TEM
Imaging Range: 50x - 600000X
High-Resolution Lattice Observation >0.204nm @ 120 kV
Sample Tilt – +60 to -60 deg
Biological samples, Light Polymers, Nanoparticles, nano-Catalysts


Resolution – 1 nm @ 30 kV, 1.4 nm @ 1 kV
Source – Field Emission
Analysis capability – EDS

Magnification up to 300K
STEM capability
Best for biological / materials samples
Great resolution at low kV
Chemical and structure analysis


Resolution – 1 nm @ 30 kV
Source – Schottky (FE)

Designed for high resolution work at variable pressure
No need to coat conducting layer
Magnification up to 300K
STEM capability


Source – Tungsten filament
Resolution – 3 nm @ 30 kV , 10 nm @ 3 kV, 4 nm @ 30 kV (BSE)

Charge free sample surface
No need to coat conducting layer
Magnification up to 300K
Chemical and structure analysis

Sample Tools

Table top SEM with EDS capability

Sputter Coaters


Sample cutting and polishing