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Accessible Support Services and Instruction for Sustainable Transition

The Accessible Support Services and Instruction for Sustainable Transition Grant (ASSIST) unites 10 South Carolina technical colleges, one research university, the Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIBs), the S.C. Commission for Minority Affairs, the S.C. National Guard, S.C. Adult Education, and 37 businesses to catalyze economic recovery and growth in South Carolina and foster systemic change within the higher education/technical college system. ASSIST is a customized, comprehensive program to prepare and produce the best educated, most competitive workforce in the world. It is an economic development initiative for high technology workers designed to serve the target population as well as the bulk of South Carolina’s population who lack confidence, current skills, and are under prepared to be successful in these programs and manufacturing careers.


  • Goal 1: Accelerate progress for low-skilled and other workers
  • Goal 2: Improve retention and achievement rates to reduce time to completion
  • Goal 3: Build programs that meet industry needs, and develop career pathways
  • Goal 4: Strengthen online and technology-enabled learning

ASSIST’s two strategies address all four priorities. These strategies — each informed by an essential partner group — include the Workforce Readiness Center (WRC) services and a suite of new and existing TechMST (math, science and technology) online courses/modules.

ASSIST Partners