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EducateWorkforce-WP2, a portal being developed by the Clemson University Center for Workforce Development will offer online digital learning tools to support the needs of the technical college student community. The portal is a learning solution offered with partnering technical colleges to help successfully blend powerful online and digital solutions into their existing courses. This portal will consist of both basic and advanced courses focusing on the needs of the aviation and automotive technician students. The portal, currently being test driven at Clemson, will be piloted in selected technical colleges in South Carolina in Fall 2013. Courses offered on are designed to help students fully understand the material. When the students take one of the courses, they will watch online lectures, learn at their own pace, test their knowledge, and reinforce concepts through interactive virtual reality-based exercises.

The courses are designed based on sound pedagogical foundations to help students master basic engineering concepts quickly and effectively. The students are offered multiple attempts to demonstrate their new knowledge using interactivity. This ensures student engagement and by providing frequent feedback, the students will be able to monitor their progress and know when they have mastered the material. Each course will have multiple modules and each module will feature multiple video-based lectures, followed by interactive quizzes and virtual reality based simulations.


Kapil Chalil Madathil
Technology Director, CUCWD


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