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Metrology – The Science of Measuring


In today’s competitive manufacturing marketplace, the role of advanced manufacturing technology requires specialized knowledge, skills and abilities. A foundational understanding of metrology (the science of measurement) principles and tools is essential in everyday manufacturing production responsibilities including adjustment of manufacturing machinery and equipment and use of any combination of electrical, mechanical or computer technologies. The CA2VES Metrology modules introduce the next generation of advanced manufacturing technicians to units of measurement and conversion; linear measurements using the scale, vernier caliper and micrometer; industrial instruments measuring temperature, pressure, force, torque and flow; and basic electrical principles and instruments. In order to reinforce the learning of these manufacturing measurement tools, many have been constructed in a virtual environment to provide learners with an authentic, hands-on experience with industrial measurements. Utilization of these modules and virtual tools will support preparation for job and career opportunities including assembly workers, technicians, engineering, supervisory, research and management positions.

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