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Module Spotlight: Safety in Manufacturing

To compete in today’s technology-intensive manufacturing marketplace, workers need to develop the necessary skills and competencies. Safety is recognized by the manufacturing production industry as one of the essential competencies for successful employment. CA2VES is developing online modules that align with Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) certifications and provide workers with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain positions in the field of advanced manufacturing. The Safety modules introduce safety concepts, organizations, regulations, communication processes and material handling procedures. Students also learn about ergonomics, electrical safety, first aid, noise control, machine guarding, hand tools, poisonous chemicals and flammable materials.

The Safety modules include activities, assessments, and virtual reality tools to reinforce the learning objectives. The virtual reality environments created for this course include a simulated assembly line and a factory setting complete with drilling machines, lathes, and forklifts. Students can identify and tag hazards or workers committing safety violations within each environment. The safety scenarios are randomly generated at the start of the simulation and the user’s goal is to tag as many violations as possible within the allotted time.

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