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Ripples of Change


The Industrial Workforce Readiness Centers (iWRC) established through the South Carolina ASSIST to Work program are impacting how technical colleges view 21st century learning and how graduating students transition into today’s workforce. The goal of the ASSIST iWRC is to energize relationships between technical colleges and local industries. ASSIST participants, who are full time or part time students, benefit from these collaborative efforts by meeting industry partners face-to-face, touring industries, and strengthening soft skills that lead to long lasting careers in manufacturing and engineering fields. The bond established between industries and technical colleges through the ASSIST iWRC program will have a positive social change in the local economy.

The ripple of positive social changes across the counties can be seen in our ASSIST participants at technical colleges as they voice their satisfaction with the iWRC initiative in pursuing higher living standards for its participant population. For example, industries who are visiting campuses to conduct workshops in soft skills, apprenticeship and internship programs are being recognized by businesses, and on-campus recruitment of rising graduates are in sight for the upcoming years. Most notably, ASSIST participants have expressed renewed hope in successfully completing their program of study and feeling confident that they will be able to transition into the workforce with the strong support of the ASSIST iWRC program. All in all, ASSIST participants have expressed how much they value the support given to them from the ASSIST iWRC program at local technical colleges in South Carolina.


– Lynda Marshall
ASSIST Program Director
Central Carolina Technical College


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