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Storyboard & Task Analysis of Learning Materials

Storyboard & Task Analysis in Support of the Automotive & Manufacturing System Learning Materials

Several step-by-step storyboards and task analysis for automotive and manufacturing systems have been designed to accompany the computer models created by the Mechanical Engineering team. These storyboards serve as a detailed guide for the Virtual Reality (VR) team so that they can add animation and interaction to the supplied Solidworks™ models within the virtual environment. The task analysis provides the basic engineering and scientific concepts for these learning modules. In this manner, the students will interact with realistic and functioning components online – similar to those encountered in the workplace.

The completed storyboards and task analysis cover a variety of topics including key vehicle systems (e.g., engines, brakes and transmissions), working principles and common problems of grinding machines, Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathe working principles, blue print reading and gear box faults. A number of references from various sources have been gathered, reviewed and discussed to create the storyboard content.

Some examples of the storyboards and task analysis currently underway are illustrated in the Figure below.

Figure: Storyboard and task analysis examples

Storyboard Figure

(A) Disc brakes; (B) Surface grinding;
(C) CNC lathe machine; (D) Three speed manual transmission

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