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Women represent 24% of the STEM workforce, but they earn, on average, 33% more when they work in high-growth fields.

– U.S. Department of Commerce


The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) department at Clemson University focuses on the education, recruitment, and retention of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematic disciplines. Since its inception, this national award winning program has fueled retention, assisting in increasing more female STEM graduates for the good of our future.

At the forefront of this initiative is the Women in Science and Engineering Residents (WISER) program, a living and learning community dedicated to the professional development of sophomore women working towards a career in the science and engineering fields of study. To fulfill this goal, WISER employs academic support, mentoring, professional development workshops and networking opportunities.

The WISE seminar series brings industrial partners to campus for mock interviews, discussion on what companies have to offer in the area of internships, co-ops, and permanent employment. Additionally, WISE, in partnership with CUCWD and Technology Villages©, plans to offer an evening program to educate women about entrepreneurship and give our engineers an understanding of commercialization and market strategies, as they might want to own their own business one day.

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– Serita Acker
Director of Women in Science and Engineering
Clemson University

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