Clemson University Institute for Parks



Completing the Mission of the Institute for Parks at Clemson University

Parks and protected areas in the 21st century face a wide array of social, ecological and economic challenges. To meet these challenges, parks, whether local, national or global, must be thought of as part of a complex system and be managed from an interdisciplinary perspective.

We provide research, education/training, and outreach to meet these challenges and enhance park and protected area management by:

  • providing research to inform more effective and efficient management decisions;
  • increasing individual and institutional capacity through transformative leadership education and training programs;
  • connecting the global park community and delivering just-in-time knowledge through an innovative Internet network — The Open Parks Network; and
  • promoting the relevance of parks and protected areas to a rapidly changing, multicultural, global society.

Photo taken by Fellow Dr. David White at Tarangire National Park while leading a GIS workshop for park employees.

Fellow Dr. Patrick Jodice leading seabird field training sessions in Southwest Cay, south of Jamaica.
Park Ranger David Fox leads a tour of the historic community at Harpers Ferry National Historic Park in West Virginia.
Photo taken by Fellow Dr. Kate McFadden during her sea turtle research field work in Palmyra Atoll.