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Doctoral Fellowship

Individuals starting a doctoral program in park and conservation management are eligible to be selected as a Hartzog Fellow in Park Resources Management. Fellowships are for one year, supplement departmental graduate assistantships, and are typically awarded every other year, based on availability of funding. Hartzog Fellows will work with park resource faculty on grants from park agencies and assist the department in conducting annual Hartzog events.

Students from related fields are encouraged to apply. Applicants should contact a professor in the Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism Management who share their interests. Faculty interests can be viewed at

Requirements for admission to the graduate school along with all forms are available at:

Clemson University is located in northwestern South Carolina offering a rural setting and a low cost of living. Clemson is less than an hour from more than a dozen natural resource areas and the Chattooga River, offering many opportunities for field research.

Additional general information about graduate school and application forms may be obtained at or contact:

Graduate Coordinator
Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Clemson University
128 McGinty Court, 263 Lehotsky Hall, Clemson, SC 29634-0735

George B. Hartzog Fellows

Image of Katie Kraft, 6th Hartzog Fellow

Kathleen "Katie" Kraft

Katie Kraft is our 6th George B. Hartzog Fellow.
Dustin Wilson, 5th George B. Hartzog Fellow

Dustin Wilson
Dustin was our 5th George B. Hartzog Fellow.Dustin graduated in 2015 and is currently employed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington, DC as an Outdoor Recreation Planner within the New England Branch of the Division of Hydropower Licensing.

Matt Brownlee, 4th George B. Hartzog Fellow

Matt Brownlee
Matt was the 4th George B. Hartzog Fellow. Matt graduated in May 2012. He is employed at the University of Utah in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism as an Assistant Professor.
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Sue Vezeau, 3rd George B. Hartzog Fellow Susan Vezeau
Sue was the 3rd George B. Hartzog, Jr. Fellow. Sue is employed by Washington State's Department of Ecology, as an Environmental Planner – Spills Preventions, Preparedness & Response Program in Olympia, Washington.
Carin Vadala, the 2nd George B. Hartzog Fellow Carin Vadala
Carin was the 2nd George B. Hartzog Fellow. She graduated in 2010 and currently works for the US Forest Service, Pike/San Isabel National Forests, Cimarron/Comanche National Grasslands, Pikes Peak Ranger District, Colorado Springs, CO, as a NEPA Planner.
Lisa Machnik, 1st George B. Hartzog Fellow Lisa Machnik
Lisa Machnik was the inaugural George B. Hartzog Fellow. She graduated in 2007 and is employed by the U.S. Forest Service in Portland, Oregon as a Program Manager for Wilderness/Wild & Scenic Rivers.