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Ed Brannon

Ed Brannon, 2005 Hartzog Lecturer

"The First Century of the US Forest Service: The evolution (or was it creation) of forest conservation in America"

Retired from the US Forest Service after 35 years, Ed Brannon served as Forest Supervisor of the 2.3 million acre Flathead National Forest in Kalispell, Montana, and was Director of Grey Towers National Historic Site in Milford, PA. Grey Towers celebrates twice governor of Pennsylvania Gifford Pinchot’s contributions to the beginning of scientific forestry in the United States and conservation. Grey Towers was Pinchot’s ancestral home. Ed Brannon developed cutting-edge leadership programs for field professionals in the US Forest Service as Director of Grey Towers. He utilizes his extensive knowledge of the history of forestry and conservation in America to provide programs that help professionals understand and use history to develop leadership skills and tackle complex natural resource issues. Ed Brannon also served as a landscape architect and a regional planner. He is well-known in the conservation and history fields, having served on the boards of numerous organizations, including the Forest History Society and the Pinchot Institute for Conservation.

For his work, Ed has received numerous awards and recognitions including the distinguished Pinchot Medallion in 2004, the George H. Cook Distinguished Alumni Award, Cook College, Rutgers University, for outstanding achievement in professional and civic endeavors, the Crystal Owl Award from the National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Center for his work in developing and promoting historic preservation, the Distinguished Service Award from the Salish and Kootenae Tribe in Montana, and numerous awards from the Forest Service. The Edgar Brannon conservation fellowship was established in his honor by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation. He has served as a Senior Faculty Fellow at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and lectured widely on a broad range of subjects related to forestry and conservation in America.  He currently is a Senior Fellow with the Pinchot Institute for Conservation.

Mr. Brannon has his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Cook College, Rutgers University; a Masters in Science in Geography from Rutgers University; a Masters in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; and advanced study in managerial leadership and natural resources from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.