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Jonathan "Jon" B. Jarvis

Jon Jarvis, Director, National Park Service (photo taken by NPS)Jonathan "Jon" Jarvis, 18th director of the National Park Service was the presenter of the George B. Hartzog, Jr. Lecture held at the Strom Thurmond Institute on Tuesday, October 25th. 2011.

Director Jarvis' presentation can be viewed at: A Call to Action: Preparing for a Second Century of Stewardship and Engagement.

Jonathan "Jon" B. Jarvis was sworn in as the 18th director Oct. 2, 2009, by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. He began his National Park Service career as a seasonal interpretive ranger on the National Mall in 1976. Jarvis is a Virginia native and graduate of The College of William and Mary. Served as Pacific West Region Director 2002-09 where he was responsible for 54 national parks in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands of Guam, Saipan and American Samoa and community revitalization programs that serve those states. He previously served as superintendent of Mount Rainier and Wrangell-St. Elias national parks, and Craters of the Moon National Monument. Other career positions: protection ranger, resource management specialist, park biologist, and chief of natural and cultural resources. 

In Director Jarvis' own words: "America's National Park System is a gift from past generations to this and succeeding generations; the challenges we face today could not have been imagined when the National Park Service was first established in 1916. Today the challenges are that of climate change, urban development, habitat destruction, non-native species, and air and water pollution. Our mission remains the same today as it was then -- to preserve this nation's natural and cultural heritage, unimpaired for the enjoyment of this and future generations."

Photo taken by NPS. The above information was retrieved August 31st from the following National Parks Service websites: and

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