Laboratory Field Trips at Your Location

Laboratory Field Trips at Your location

If you don't have the time or buses to bring your students to Clemson, the Clemson University Science Outreach Center labs can come to you! After reviewing the information below, please contact us to discuss your needs and details.

Review laboratory descriptions. The labs that best translate to classroom settings are AKA-DNA, Fun with Mutants and a modified version of our DNA Fingerprinting/Crime Scene. These labs can be completed in 75-90 minutes.

Schools must provide a room with:

  • Electricity.
  • Sufficient number of tables or lab benches for the number of students.
  • Easy access to a refrigerator and freezer.
  • A sink with running water.

Instructor will also need:

  • Access to the space for at least one hour ahead of time to set up.
  • Access to space for at least one hour after to break down.
  • Assistance loading/unloading car before and after lab.

Costs would include:

  • Normal lab fees (see below).
  • A $200 set up and breakdown fee.
  • Travel costs (per diem, mileage, hotel if overnight stay required).
  • Fees and Payment

    Do not pay anything until you have received official confirmation of your reservation form with a payment deadline. Online payment with a credit card is the preferred method of payment.

    If a schedule conflict arises, laboratory reservations may be rescheduled with 2 weeks notice within the same academic session. The Center will reschedule with less notice if school is canceled due to weather or a similar unforeseen circumstance. (If Pickens, Oconee,or your county schools are closed or delayed we will reschedule your laboratory)

    Payment in full is due two weeks prior to the date of your confirmed laboratory.  

    So that we may properly plan and prepare for your laboratory, ANY changes to the number of students confirmed in your original reservation should be submitted two weeks prior to your lab.

    Fees are as follows for one laboratory experience:

    • One laboratory (up to 16 participants) — $200
    • One laboratory (17-32 participants) — $$300
    • One  laboratory (33-48 participants) — $$500
    • One laboratory field  (49-64 participants) — $$600

    Once you have received a reservation confirmation and a deposit payment deadline, return here to make a secure, online payment. Do NOT pay unless your reservation has been confirmed and you have a payment due date.

    Click here to PAY ONLINE NOW.

    Checks, though not preferred, will be accepted for a limited time if absolutely necessary. Make checks payable to Clemson University and mail to: Katherine Freeman, Science Outreach Center, Department of Biological Sciences, 132 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634-0314. Include with the check the name of the coordinating teacher, school and date of the reservation.