Fees and Payment

After submitting a reservation request, you will receive an official confirmation email within a few days issuing a  payment deadline, a detailed Logistics Letter (contains all you need to know to finish planning your trip!) and a Parent Consent/Release of Liability form to copy for each student. Review the Science Outreach Center Safety Guidelines with your students in advance (includes dress code requirements!).

Do not pay anything until you have received an official email confirmation of your reservation from.  Online payment with a credit card is the preferred method of payment and is due in full three weeks prior to the date of your laboratory field trip. 

Fees are nonrefundable.  If a schedule conflict arises, laboratory field trip reservations may be rescheduled within the same academic session with 2 weeks advance notice.   The Center will reschedule with less notice if school is cancelled due to weather or a similar unforeseen circumstance.  If Clemson University is closed due to weather, the Life Sciences Outreach Center will not open and we will reschedule your laboratory field trip.  Contact Katherine Freeman on her cell, 864-553-0129, to confirm weather conditions/lab hours on the morning of your trip if you have any questions. 

So that we may properly plan and prepare for your laboratory, ANY changes to the number of students confirmed in your original reservation should be submitted two weeks prior to your trip.

Fees are as follows for one laboratory experience*:

  • One laboratory field trip (up to 16 participants) — $200
  • One laboratory field trip (17-32 participants) — $300
  • Two concurrent laboratory field trips (33-48 participants) — $500
  • Two concurrent laboratory field trips (49-64 participants) — $600

*Your DNA and Traits lab involves many techniques and reagents resulting in additional fees of 1.5x the normal rate.

Once you have received a reservation confirmation and a payment deadline, return here to make a secure, online payment (orange button below). Do NOT pay unless your reservation has been confirmed and you have a payment due date.

Pay Online Now

Checks, though not preferred, will be accepted for a limited time if absolutely necessary. Make checks payable to Clemson University and mail to: Katherine Freeman, Science Outreach Center, Department of Biological Sciences, 132 Long Hall, Clemson, S.C. 29634-0314. Include with the check the name of the coordinating teacher, school and date of the reservation.