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Gold Level

  • Clemson College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
  • Estates

Silver Level

  • MountainView Medical Imaging
  • Wendy's
  • Ernie and Pat Briel

Bronze Level

  • Blue Ridge Security Solutions
  • LeRoy and Gerrie Adams
  • President and Mrs. James F. Barker
  • Phil and Beth Batson
  • Dean Rick Goodstein
  • Dr. Philip H. Prince / Mrs. Martha Grigsby
  • Carla and Mitch Norville
  • Bob and Anna Tollison
  • Hack and Cheryl Trammell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Whorton

Sienna Level

  • Carolina Ceramic Bricks Company
  • The Lunney House Museum
  • Oconee Federal Financial Corp.
  • Rick's Pizza Pub
  • Waldrop
  • John and Jodie Allen
  • Larry and Mary Bowman
  • Walter and Grace Cook
  • Kathy Edwards
  • Catherine Hayes
  • Martine LaBerge and Paul F. Joseph
  • Ernest "E" and Flora Riley
  • Greg Shelnutt, Ellen Gardiner, and Emily Shelnutt
  • Elisa Kay Sparks
  • Jerry and Sally Trapnell
  • Michael Vatalaro and Roxanne Chase
  • John and Boo Wilson

In Kind

  • Aesthetics: Concepts in Design
  • Allens' Creations, Inc.
  • Auction Services LTD
  • Clemson University Conference Center and Inn
  • James F. Barker
  • Sydney Cross
  • Charlie White

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