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Natural History / Critical Condition

January 27, 2020 – January 25, 2021

CAAH Dean’s Gallery

"Natural History/Critical Condition" is a visual compendium of cautionary reflection. The artists included in the portfolio, present a reflection on the natural environment that unveils a growing list of environmental concerns facing humanity. The exhibition points to disruptions in our environment such as ocean acidification, global warming, declines of critical food chains species, melting glaciers, animal extinctions, plastic detritus, and deforestation. "Natural History/Critical Condition" questions are capacity and willingness to address the changes taking place us and muses on our ability to reconcile the destruction humanity is causing around the globe. It encourages the viewer to take action before conditions progress beyond our ability to take meaningful action.

Participating artists include: Lynne Allen, Dale Clifford, Carmon Colangelo and Ashley Colangelo, Syd Cross, Georgia Deal, Maggie Denk, Bill Fisher, Diane Fox, Adele Henderson, Pat Hunsinger, Anita Jung, Cima Katz, Kumi Korf, Robert Lazuka, Pam Longobardi, Angela Oates, Dennis O’Neil, Cynthia Osborne, Andy Rubin, Joe Sanders, Jewel Shaw, Aaron Wilson, and Anderson Wrangle.

Organized by Sydney A. Cross, Sponsored by the Department of Art, Lee Gallery & Clemson Advancement Foundation at Clemson University.

A Selection of Artwork from "Natural History/Critical Condition"

A purple and yellow woodcut print of a large bird.

Dale Clifford

“The Over Seer”

A woodcut and intaglio print with chine colle’ of a tree of life made up of endangered animals.

Lynne Allen


A digital and relief print of herons, owls, and other small birds in front of a hanging sheet.

Carmon and Ashley Colangelo

“Little Science”

A lithograph and screen print of a large rhino and a small man.

Sydney Cross


Digital print with bees wax of pages of a book titled “Ocean Flowers and Their Teachings” with flowers crossed out and replaced with the word “Plastics”.

Pam Longobardi

“Sappho’s Rubble”

Hybrid relief screen print with pigmented wax of an old time ship sailing in front of a large iceberg.

Dennis O’Neil

“Last Iceberg”

A color intaglio of an artist created world map with an organic intestine like shapes connecting the countries.

Aaron Wilson

“Untitled (Join and Die)”

An archival inkjet print of an animal skull in iron red dirt bank in the desert.

Anderson Wrangle

“Red Drought”