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One Way of Seeing

January 15 – July 15, 2020

M-F, 1-5pm

Brooks Center Lobby

Owen Riley Jr. is a Greenville, SC, based artist who uses photography to construct new ways of seeing both the precious and the everyday in life. His images are a commentary on the passage of time, decay, and the importance of love and memory. The works on display at the Brooks Center were taken over the past ten years using the transformative and archaic collodion photographic process. This is the process used during the mid 1800s to document the American Civil War. He embraced the process not to create anachronism, but instead to make pictures that required difficulty, dirt and intention to create an image. He then stretched the boundaries of the process to create a reality in stark contrast to the world of the digital image and the point and click nature of the modern snapshot.  

This decade’s end marks the end of Riley’s use of the collodion process and an embrace of a new series of work in reaction to our current divided world. For Riley, this show is a remembrance of a more civil time in our history, when the gentle was enough.

Photographs by Owen Riley

Photograph of coffee.

"Espresso #1"

A child outside.

"My Daughter at 16"

Photograph of flowers.

"Eames Flowers"

Photograph of trees.

"Ghost Dog"

Photograph of a hand.


Photograph of alligator skull and pear.

"Still Life"

Photograph of a person with a dark background.