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Digital Media and Learning Labs

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Welcome to the Digital Media and Learning Labs at Clemson University.

Construction of two exciting new spaces is underway in the Eugene T. Moore School of Education. The Digital Media and Learning labs will connect students, teachers, researchers, and partners to ideas and projects in physical and virtual spaces. This is an exciting work-in-progress and we invite you to participate in our journey. Follow us as the construction, partnerships, ideas, and projects evolve.

Why digital media and game spaces?

A decade of research by learning scientists provides powerful arguments to bring design, tinkering, and play with games and digital media into learning environments. The perspectives of what media creation and games can offer education are similar to innovative and requisite skills in industry including: systems thinking, complex problem solving, creativity, collaboration and visual literacies. These interdisciplinary spaces will provide an avenue for research, practice, playful learning and future preparation for students.


Links to resources providing continued inspiration and ideas for our work are below:

Games Learning Society
Games Center Impact
Institute of Play

Hasso Platterner Insittue of Design at Standford