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Digital learning lab renderings at Clemson University, Clemson, SC

The Incubator

The Incubator is a large room with four inter-related breakout rooms allowing collaboration with App and Game Development, Collaborative Writing, Video Production, and Audio Production.  The Incubator allows access to games, production tools and platforms such as Minecraft, Kodu, GameStar Mechanic, GameMaker, Scratch, Alice, MIT App Inventor, Portal, Final Cut Pro, and Lego Mindstorms. Additionally, a central area in The Incubator provides customizable space for students to work, meetings, courses, workshops, performances, and kinesthetic and physical activities including the use of construction tools such as Lego robotics, Sifteo Cubes and building bricks.

See complete floor plan.


Digital Media Learn Lab basement rendering

The Basement

The Basement is a “gaming in the wild” space.  Its primary purpose is for experiential, social, unfettered game play. Gaming in The Basement may involve MMOG’s, xBox, Wii, and Kinect with gamers participating in tournaments, online multiplayer games and exergaming.  This space welcomes feedback regarding game play experiences, choices, in-game decisions, preferred environments, and modes of engagement that will inform research and practice decisions within in both labs. We hope game play inspires community members to design or prototype games using The Incubator for writing, audio, video production and game-making spaces.


Playing in these spaces generously funded by a 2013 ITSAB Grant.

IT Student Advisory Board at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina