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The People

  • EPIC Faculty

    The EPIC Faculty consists of a team of dedicated scientists with interests that range from understanding mechanisms of drug resistance in fungal pathogens to fatty acid metabolism in kinetoplastid parasites. But we are united in our focus on some of the world's most troubling and neglected disease-causing organims.

    Joshua Alper, Physics
    My lab's goal is to understand the fundamental physical principles behind the mechanical coordination mechanisms of the molecular motors that drive oscillatory beating of mollie eukaryotic cilia and flagella.

    Zhicheng Dou, Biological Sciences
    My research focuses on proteolytic mechanisms during infection by the obligate intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

    Cheryl Ingram-Smith, Genetics and Biochemistry
    The overall goal of my research is to provide a better understanding of energy metabolism in the pathogenic protist Entamoeba histolytica.

    Lukasz Kozubowski, Genetics and Biochemistry
    We study a human fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans to understand the mechanistic cellular processes used by pathogenic microorganisms to allow survival in the infected host.

    Meredith Morris, Genetics and Biochemistry
    In the search for new therapeutics we investigate essential parasite-specific processes, with the belief that understanding these processes will enable us to specifically target the parasite during treatments while leaving the host relatively unaffected.

    James Morris, Genetics and Biochemistry
    Our group is interested in elucidating the molecular mechanisms employed by the African trypanosome to detect glucose availability, with a particular focus on identifying unique components for targeting for therapeutics.

    Kim Paul, Genetics and Biochemistry
    My group is interested in the regulation of fatty acid metabolism in the African trypanosome.

    Michael Sehorn, Genetics and Biochemistry
    My laboratory strives to understand the mechanism of homology-directed repair of DNA double-strand breaks mediated by RAD51 and DMC1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Entamoeba histolytica, and humans.

    Kerry Smith, Genetics and Biochemistry
    My group is interested in the acetate metabolism in the fungal pathogen Cryptococcus.

    Lesly Temesvari, Biological Sciences
    We seek to understand the virulence functions of secretion, phagocytosis, and parasite-host interactions in Entamoeba histolytica.

    Daniel Whitehead, Chemistry
    EPIC related projects in the Whitehead lab are focused on the synthesis of small molecules and conjugates for ther development of therapeutic and drug-delivery strategies for treating eukaryotic pathogen infections.

  • Friends of EPIC

    Meet the Friends of EPIC (FoEs, as we like to call them!) The Friends of EPIC (or more affectionately known as FoEs) are members of our community that share an interest in Eukaryotic Pathogens and routinely participate in the activities of EPIC to be worthwhile. Sadyly, due to to College alignment and University policies, they cannot formally be "members" of EPIC. They are none-the-less valued!

    Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Ph.D., University of California-Irvine
    Current interests include the development of devices for the detection of pathogens in Clinical Diagnostics and Global Health.

  • Staff and Research Associates

    The Staff and Research Associates make EPIC tick. They keep the labs working and push their own projects forward while serving as mentors to the many students that fill the research space in EPIC.

    Amy Bergmann
    Technician, Dou Lab

    Nicki Clark-Mount
    EPIC Project Coordinator

    Dr. Mariusz Dylag
    Post Doc, Kozubowski Lab

    Andrew Gianos
    Lab Manager, M. Morris Lab

    Dr. Subash Godar
    Post Doc, Alper Lab

    Jillian Milanes
    Lab Manager, J. Morris Lab

    Kyle Pazzo
    Research Technician, Paul Lab

    Dr. Annie Peng
    Post Doc, Kozubowski Lab

    Dr. Bruce Rafert
    EPIC Grant Development Specialist

    Dr. Jimmy Suryadi
    Post-doctoral Fellow, Morris Lab

    Alex Villano
    Lab Manager, Temesvari Lab

    Brenda Welter
    Research Associate, Temesvari Lab

  • Students

    The Students, both Graduate and Undergraduate, tackle the experiments necessary to solve the tough questions that exist in the field of Eukaryotic Pathogens research. They are the driving force in the Center.

    Sophie Altamirano
    Graduate Student, Kozubowski Lab

    Mufida Ammar
    Graduate Student, K. Smith Lab

    Rachel Andorfer
    Graduate Student, Alper Lab

    Irem Bastuzel
    Graduate Student, Ingram-Smith Lab

    Jin Cho
    Graduate Student, Ingram-Smith Lab

    Rodney Colón-Reyes
    Graduate Student, Kozubowski Lab

    Logan Crowe
    Graduate Student, M. Morris Lab

    Carly Dameron
    Graduate Student, Dou Lab

    Steven Goodson
    Graduate Student, Sehorn Lab

    Jessica Jones
    Graduate Student, J. Morris Lab

    Natacha Karambizi
    Graduate Student, Temesvari Lab

    Kristina Parman
    Graduate Student, Ingram-Smith Lab

    Evan Qiu
    Graduate Student, J. Morris Lab

    Joshua Saliutama
    Graduate Student, Paul Lab

    Piotr Stempinski
    Graduate Student, Kozubowski Lab

    Brock Thornton
    Graduate Student, Dou Lab

    Heather Walters
    Graduate Student, Temesvari Lab

    Jordan Wesel
    Graduate Student, Ingram-Smith Lab

    Christina Wilkinson
    Graduate Student, M. Morris Lab