Center for Research on Health Disparities

Guiding Principles, Goals and Collaborations

Guiding Principles

  • Our center capitalizes on the strength of a collaborative partnership between Clemson University, a land-grant university, and Voorhees College, a historically black college or university.
  • Our research goal is improved quality of life, including positive health outcomes and a sense of well-being for South Carolina citizens, particularly underserved populations.
  • Our research will be based on the principles of the Community-Based Participatory Research model.
  • Our research will encompass a lifespan and developmental approach.
  • Our research teams will comprised students and seasoned researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.
  • Our research outcomes will be translated back to the community for improved health conditions.


  • Develop organizational infrastructure that supports the mission and vision of the center.
  • Conduct, facilitate and coordinate transdisciplinary, health disparities research.
  • Create a certificate program in health disparities studies.
  • Increase the number of underrepresented racial/ethnic minority students and pre-tenure faculty engaged in health disparities research.
  • Increase the visibility of the center.

University and College Collaborations

The center embraces Clemson University’s and the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences' research goals and priorities. By engaging communities across the state and embracing a lifespan approach, the center seeks to improve health within various institutions and systems.

The center links directly with the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences collaborative research priority area, Disparities in Health and Education. In concert with this priority area and College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences’s overarching research goals, the center uses CBPR in its work to ameliorate health disparities in South Carolina. In so doing, the center also aligns itself with the University’s Family and Community Living academic emphasis area.