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Former Graduate Assistants


Roxana Jafarifiroozabadi

2021 PhD

Architecture + Health

Assistant Professor at Lawrence Technological University

Roxana Jafarifiroozabadi is a healthcare design researcher who focuses on improving patient safety and outcomes in high-stress healthcare settings using evidence-based design and human-centered design approaches. She holds a PhD in Architecture and Health from Clemson University. Roxana’s interdisciplinary dissertation looked at the impact of cardiac ICU rooms with various daylighting and viewing accommodations on patient outcomes (length of stay, delirium, and mortality) as well as heart disease symptoms (anxiety, depression, and sleep disruption). Her other areas of interest include tool standardization and development, developing design solutions to improve the environmental quality for the aging population, and using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to understand health-related issues in communities.


Rutali Joshi

2021 PhD, EDAC

Architecture + Health

Postdoctoral Health Research Fellow at HKS, Inc.

Rutali Joshi is a Post-doctoral Health Research Fellow at HKS architects. She holds a PhD and MS degree in Architecture and Health from Clemson University. Prior to joining HKS, Rutali worked as a research assistant with the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing at Clemson University. Her expertise lies at the intersection of architectural design and research in healthcare contexts. Rutali has been actively involved in research conducted in a variety of settings ranging from domestic violence shelter homes and homes for the aging population to emergency departments and ambulatory surgery centers. Her intent is to understand how the physical environment impacts human experience, behavior, and safety.


Faequa Uniza Rahman

2021 M. Arch

Associate AIA

Architectural Designer

SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson

Faequa Uniza Rahman is an architectural designer with SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson, Columbia office, where she assists with the planning and design of healthcare facilities in South Carolina. Uniza earned her Bachelor of Architecture from the BRAC University, Bangladesh in 2017 and Master of Architecture from Clemson University in 2021. Before joining SSOE | S&W, Uniza worked as a graduate research assistant under Dr. Anjali Joseph in the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing (CHFDT) at Clemson University. Her work with the CHFDT included website graphics development and assisting with the development of graphics for various research projects and the early promotion of EDRA53 Greenville. She is excited to integrate her passion for architecture and health with a focus on safety and a sustainable environment.


Heather Hinton

2020 M. Arch + Health, Medical Planner, Perkins&Will

Heather Hinton graduated from Clemson’s Master of Architecture + Health program in 2020, during which she worked as a graduate assistant under Dr. Anjali Joseph. Her work within the center included assisting on research projects such as Haworth, RIPCHD.OR, and CU@Home and graphic development. Heather earned a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kentucky in 2018. She is excited to integrate her passion for both architecture and health. Heather has continued to pursue merging research and design in practice by joining Perkins&Will's Seattle office, as a medical planner.


Herminia Machry

2019 PhD

Architecture + Health

Postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology

Herminia Machry is an internationally-licensed architect with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning (UFSC, 2004, Brazil), a Master’s degree in Architecture (USP, 2010, Brazil), and a PhD in Planning, Design and the Built Environment (Clemson University, 2019). She has 15 years of experience that spans work in architecture firms, universities, and research centers. She has worked as a design practitioner on healthcare facility projects, while also teaching in architecture and healthcare hospitality undergraduate courses. Herminia has also worked on several research projects mostly focused around healthcare design. At Clemson University she completed a dissertation research about the design of Neonatal Intensive Care Units, and worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Health Facilities Design & Testing. Herminia recently joined Georgia Institute of Technology as a postdoctoral fellow at the SimTigrate Lab, where she will continue working on research related to healthcare design and evidence-based design.


Deborah Wingler

2019 PhD, MSD-HHE, EDAC Vice President, Health Research Lead, HKS Adjunct Faculty, School of Architecture, Clemson University

Through her prior work as President of Healing Design Integration, Dr. Wingler collaborated with some of the most forward-thinking health care organizations, manufacturers, and design firms in the industry. She led efforts to integrate research into the design process at varying scales, from the development of emerging models of care through multi-year capital projects. Her research work includes developing tools to support evidence–based design decisions, and the design of products and platforms to support the delivery of care. Her work is published in multiple peer-reviewed journals and industry publications. She is well known as a passionate advocate for the patient and family in health design and serves as a reviewer for peer-reviewed journals and industry competitions.
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Hannah Shultz

2019 M. Arch + Health, Architectural Professional, 2019-2020 HKS Health Fellow

Hannah Shultz graduated Clemson’s Master of Architecture + Health program in 2019, during which she worked as a graduate assistant under Dr. Anjali Joseph. Her work within the center included assisting on research projects such as RIPCHD.OR and graphic development. Hannah received a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies with an emphasis in Interior design from the University of Missouri in 2015 where she also worked as an undergraduate research assistant within the iLab, studying the design of trauma simulation rooms. Hannah has continued to pursue merging research and design in practice by joining HKS in Dallas, Texas as the 2019-2020 Health Fellow. She has focused the yearlong fellowship on studying mental and behavioral crisis care environments with the emergency department.


Lansing Dodd

2018 M. Arch + Health, Intern Architect, MPS

Lansing is originally from Santa Ana, California and arrived in the Southeast to attend Clemson University, receiving a B.A. in Architecture. After working at Greenville Health System Facilities Development then McMillan Pazdan Smith in Greenville, SC, she went back to Clemson University for graduate school, where she was a team member with the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing, serving on the research team for the operating room prototype. After graduating with her Master of Architecture + Health degree in 2018, she returned to McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture in Charlotte, NC. Lansing is on the healthcare team for planning and design of two critical care unit additions currently in development and has experience in surgical, medical office building, clinic and hospital-based projects. She is passionate about utilizing research to aid in the design of healthcare spaces which ultimately improve the experience and outcomes of hospital users.


Wenz Tuttle

2018 M. Arch + Health, Associate AIA, 2018-2019 EYP Tradewell Fellow

Wenz focuses on both practical and innovative ways to design the physical environment of healthcare facilities. “My interest in this fellowship is to gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding hospital design and medical planning,” said Tuttle. “At EYP, I aim to familiarize myself with the daily operations of the health system in hopes of fostering a fully collaborative approach with healthcare projects that better serve the providers and patients, while meeting the requirements of the overall healthcare organization.”

Meer Leah 2019

Leah Meer

2017 M. Arch + Health, Architectural Designer, ZGF

Leah Meer is an architectural designer in ZGF Architects’ Seattle office, where she is currently helping plan and design two healthcare facilities in Washington state. Leah earned her Bachelor of Design in architecture from the University of Minnesota and Master of Architecture in architecture + health from Clemson University.


Rachel Matthews

2017 M. Arch + Health, Associate AIA, LSSYB, Medical Planner, HKS

Rachel currently works for HKS, Inc. out of the Denver office as a Health Facility Planner and draftsperson. Her passion is driven by personal experience in health facilities and her innate desire to serve patients, their facilities and clinical staff. Rachel holds a firm belief that some of the most life-changing moments happen in healthcare facilities. This belief propels her to deliver personal service to clients as well as those she collaborates with. Fun fact: Rachel specializes in operating room design and has witnessed an open heart surgery.

Peacock Sarah 2019

Sarah Wilson

2016 M. Arch + Health, Barber McMurry, Architect, AIA

Sarah is a proud Clemson tiger, holding a Master of Architecture with a Health concentration. She has extensive healthcare design experience and has authored a white paper on orthopedic design. Growing up in South Carolina, she once wanted to be a veterinarian. In her spare time, she plays soccer, volleyball, piano and guitar, and aspires to learn the fiddle for bluegrass music. Her ideal Friday night is unwinding with Netflix or Nintendo next to her husband and cat.