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Sara Riggs

Dr. Sara Riggs is an assistant professor in Industrial Engineering at Clemson University. Her research to-date has focused mainly on multimodal display design – i.e. interfaces that distribute information across different sensory channels including vision, audition, and touch – to offload the overburdened visual channel in data-rich domains. One of her major contributions has been a meta-analysis which evaluated the appropriateness of using different sensory modalities/combinations as interruptions to an ongoing task (finalist for best paper published in previous year's volume in Human Factors). Her research has also looked at understanding the limits of change detection with multimodal displays. The findings have implications for display design and make a significant contribution towards the understanding of multimodal information processing and its associated limitations. Dr. Riggs has also been involved with and has ongoing research projects looking at incorporating multimodal interfaces in various domains, including healthcare, aviation, and military operations, to support attention management and address systems-level challenges. Dr. Riggs obtained her Ph.D. and master’s degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan and bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Economics from Virginia Tech.


Sara Riggs, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Industrial Engineering