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Current Projects

Design of Healthcare Spaces and Products of the Future

Design of Healthcare Workspaces and Products of the Future: This project supported by the Watt Family Innovation Center through Haworth focused on how the furniture and spatial layout of ambulatory surgery work spaces may support work practices within the context of emerging technologies and models of care.

Sponsor: Gift through the Watt Family Innovation Center from Haworth

Project period: 6/15 – 12/15

Project Description:

The current model of disjointed ambulatory care is moving toward a model of collaborative coordinated care where different disciplines work together to provide care to the patient. In this model, the patient and family are also envisioned as part of the team. The ambulatory care workspace (layout, furniture, equipment) will need to be re-envisioned to support these types of interactions. There is an urgent need to focus on the evolving staff workspace in ambulatory care environments. The research team at CHFDT in collaboration with Clemson researchers in Advanced Materials will develop and test evidence-based design strategies that will help drive ambulatory care surgery workspace design in the future. The project involves understanding key concepts driving ambulatory workspace design in the future, developing design concepts, testing and then application in real world settings.