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Realizing Improved Patient Care through Human-Centered Design in the Operating Room


Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., EDAC

Endowed Chair in Architecture + Health Design and Research

Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., EDAC is the Spartanburg Regional Health System Endowed Chair in Architecture + Health Design and Director of the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing at Clemson University. Dr. Anjali Joseph is focused on using simulation and prototyping methods to research and test effectiveness of promising design solutions that may impact patient safety in high stress healthcare environments. She has focused her research on multidisciplinary approaches to improving patient safety in healthcare through the development of tools and built environment solutions.
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Scott Reeves, MD

Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

Dr. Scott Reeves is Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), a position he has held for nine years. He holds the rank of Professor with Tenure. He is the immediate past President of MUSC Physicians.


David Allison, FAIA, FACHA

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Architecture + Health

David Allison FAIA, FACHA is an Alumni Distinguished Professor and Director of Clemson’s Graduate Program in Architecture + Health. He also holds an appointment as a Faculty Scholar in the Clemson University School of Health Research. His teaching, research and scholarship involves the study of relationships between health, healthcare and the built environment. His scholarly focus is centered on healthy community planning and design, design prototyping and research related to the design of healthcare environments.  
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Dee San, MBA, BSN, RN

Perioperative Quality and Safety Manager

Dee C. San, MBA, BSN, RN is the Perioperative Quality and Safety Manager at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) where she provides leadership in cultivating a high-reliability safety culture across all MUSC perioperative care sites by identifying opportunities and strategies to reduce errors, improve quality outcomes, and enhance patient safety. Dee oversees Perioperative Services quality and safety reporting, analyses, and improvement efforts; provides leadership and guidance to ensure compliance with accreditation and regulatory


Kevin Taaffe, Ph.D.

Professor- Industrial Engineering

Dr. Kevin Taaffe, the Harriet and Jerry Dempsey Professor in Industrial Engineering, has 25 years of industry and academic experience. In addition to being a prominent researcher, Dr. Taaffe maintains a student and service focus. Dr. Taaffe is a past recipient of Professor of the Year in industrial engineering at Clemson, and he also serves as the advisor to Clemson’s student chapter of Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE). 


Lawrence Frendendall, Ph.D.

Trevillian Distinguished Professor; Professor of Management

Dr. Lawrence Fredendall is a Trevillian Distinguished Professor and a Professor of Management in the college of Business and Behavioral Sciences at Clemson University. He is currently Clemson University’s Director of the Institute for Advancement of Healthcare (IAHC), which is a research collaboration between Clemson University and Greenville Health Systems and he is the chair of the Clemson University School of health Research (CUSHR). He served in the Provost Office of Clemson University as a Provost Fellow for 2013-2014.


Yann Ferrand

Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Yann B. Ferrand is an assistant professor of operations management in the Department of Management at Clemson University. His primary research interests are in applying operations management theory to healthcare delivery systems. He is especially interested in providing innovative solutions in healthcare delivery services through better scheduling and resource allocation, handling uncertainty and variability using optimization and simulation methodologies. He has worked on research and consulting projects with several hospitals and


Dr. Ken Catchpole

SmartState Endowed Chair

Dr. Ken Catchpole is a cognitive scientist and human factors practitioner who has spent over a decade studying the influence of task, team, technology and environment on safety and performance in acute care. He began his work at the world-renowned Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, working with congenital heart surgery teams, followed by six years as a senior research fellow at the University of Oxford extending this research and quality improvement to vascular, general, and orthopedic surgery, utilizing techniques from other industries such as aviation, production, and formula one motor racing.


David Neyens, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering

David Neyens is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering. His research interests include assessing patient safety and quality improvement projects that lead to more effective and safe experiences for patients. His research centers on human factors in complex health systems and how operators and individuals use systems and technologies in a safe and efficient manner to result in process and performance improvements. He works to evaluate and model decision making in complex health care systems with uncertain outcomes. He received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in industrial engineering at the University of Iowa. He also received an M.P.H. with a focus in ergonomics from the University of Iowa's Department of Occupational and Environmental Health.


Sahar Mihandoust, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor in Architecture + Health

Sahar Mihandoust, Ph. D. is a Research Assistant Professor for the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing at Clemson University. Sahar’s research focuses on the effects of biophilic design on nurse and patient outcomes in Intensive Care Units. In her research she explored and compared the spatial configurations of Intensive care units, nurse’s perception of their environment, and nurse burnout levels. Her research interests also include evidence-based health care design, patient safety, and design for special populations. In her current position she is collaborating in a multidisciplinary team to examine built environment solutions for improving patient safety, user experience and operational efficiencies. Sahar obtained her Ph.D. in Environmental and Interior Design from Texas Tech University; She has also earned a Master’s degree in Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York and an M.Arch degree from Iran University of Science and Technology. Sahar has over five years of experience in research, teaching, and practice in interior design, healthcare design, and architecture in the United States and Iran.


Roxana Jafari

Ph.D. Candidate

Roxana is a Graduate Assistant who works under the supervision of Dr. Anjali Joseph, her Ph.D. advisor. She holds a Bachelor degree in Physics and a Master’s degree in Architecture from University of Tehran, Iran.


Rutali Joshi

Doctoral student

Rutali Joshi is a doctoral student in the Planning, Design and Built environment department with focus on healthcare architecture. Her work as a graduate research assistant under Dr. Anjali Joseph for The Center for Health Facilities and Design Testing focuses on built environment and health outcomes. She has an M.S. degree in the Architecture and Health program from Clemson University.


Katie Jurewicz

Master of Industrial Engineering student

Katie Jurewicz is a Masters student in Industrial Engineering under Dr. David Neyens, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University. Katie did a year-long co-op with BMW at Plant Spartanburg in the research and innovation department where she led a project working with the implementation of Google Glass for vehicle analysis and a project where she managed development and deployment of an automatic visual inspection system for vehicle assembly. It was after her experience at BMW that she wanted to apply her interests in research and innovation to healthcare.


Heather Hinton

Master of Architecture + Health student

Heather Hinton is from Louisville, Kentucky where she earned a Bachelor of Philosophy; Bioethics. During her time at the University of Louisville she worked as an Emergency Department Technician. In 2014 Heather moved to Tampa, Florida where she worked at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital as a pediatric hematology/oncology Medical Assistant.


Lisa Hoskins, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Master of Architecture + Health student

Lisa is a Graduate Research Assistant working towards her Master of Architecture + Health with anticipated graduation in 2021. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. After working in practice for 20 years and teaching part-time since 2011, Lisa is developing a research focus through her interests in sustainability, wellness, and evidence based design through their application in health care environments.


Uniza Rahman

Masters of Architecture student

Faequa Uniza Rahman is a first year Masters student in General Architecture program. She is a Graduate Research Assistant who works under the supervision of Dr. Anjali Joseph in The Center for Healthcare Facilities Design & Testing (CHFDT). She joined Clemson in Fall 2019 and is expected to complete her M.Arch in 2021. 


Jaeyoung Kim

Doctoral Student in Management

Jaeyoung Kim is a doctoral student in Management under the supervision of Dr. Lawrence Frendendall. Jaeyoung holds an M.S. degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Texas in Dallas and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. Her research is focused on healthcare process improvement and the coordination of work tasks in perioperative services. Jaeyoung is expected to complete her Ph.D. program in 2023.


Marisa Shehan

Industrial Engineering student

Marisa Shehan is a senior Industrial Engineering student who will pursue her master's degree in IE next year. She discovered an interest in healthcare process improvement after conducting research with Dr. Taaffe's Creative Inquiry Team during her sophomore year and has continued this research over the past several semesters. Over the summer, Marisa worked as a Technical Sales Intern at Trane, through which she gained experience and an understanding of how improvement and optimization can be applied in other areas. She has served in several leadership roles in her department, including serving on the IISE Student Advisory Board.