Institute for Biological Interfaces of Engineering

IBIOE Newsletter Vol. 3

IBIOE Research Assistant Professor, Dr. Brian Booth, Presents at the International Association for Breast Cancer Research Conference
IBIOE Newsletter, Vol. 3, July 2012

Brian Booth

Dr. Brian Booth, IBIOE Research Assistant Professor, took part in the 28th International Association for Breast Cancer Research (IABCR)/Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Conference in Manchester, England from April 15-18, 2012. Booth presented his poster abstract entitled, “Differential expression of stem cell associated genes in nuclear label-retaining epithelial cells during mouse mammary gland development.” Booth’s poster was one of 100 abstracts that were selected for presentation at the poster session.

This was Booth’s first time presenting at IABCR conference and believed it was a great opportunity to discuss his most recent data. “It’s great to be in a place where breast cancer researchers from around the world are coming together to gain novel insights and new collaborations in the areas of stem cells in breast cancer development,” he said. “The IABCR conference inspired me to drive my research forward.”

 The objective of the IABCR is to disseminate current breast cancer research findings and to improve basic clinical breast cancer research, while the object of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Conference is to achieve these objectives by disseminating the highest quality state of the art basic science that will inform the advancement of clinical science to improve breast cancer prevention and treatment.