Institute for Biological Interfaces of Engineering

IBIOE Newsletter Vol. 3

Kerri Kwist joins IBIOE as new Cell Engineering Research Associate
IBIOE Newsletter, Vol. 3, July 2012

Kerri Kwist

IBIOE is proud to announce the recent addition of Kerri Kwist to its tissue engineering research team as the new Cell Engineering Research Associate.  Kwist’s main job responsibilities include identifying IBIOE cell biology needs and implementing solutions to meet those needs as well as exploring and developing novel biology techniques.

Kwist’s professional background includes working as an adjunct instructor at the Biology Department at Tri County Technical College where she taught both lab and lecture classes in the subjects of biology, anatomy and physiology and microbiology. Kwist comes to IBIOE with a strong background in different laboratory environments including endocrinology research laboratory, forensic biology and microbiology.

Kwist received her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from Texas Tech University in 1997 and earned her Master of Science in Microbiology from Clemson University in 1999.