Institute On Family and Neighborhood Life

Certificate Program

For students seeking to develop a specialty in an area of study related to family and community studies (FCS), an efficient option is to enroll in IFNL's Graduate Certificate program.  This option is available to:

  1. master's and doctoral students in other fields who wish to emphasize a FCS area in their work; or
  2. post-bachelor's students for sub-master's professional development.

The certificate is flexible to meet individual student needs.  Thus. for example, students might concentrate their studies in FCS courses on human rights or community development.  Although the particular program must be approved by the student's advisory committee, the only requirement is 12 credit hours in FCS.

To apply, please go to

For more information about the Graduate Certificate Program, contact:

Graduate Studies Coordinator
Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life
Clemson University
225 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Suite B-11
Greenville, SC  29607
864-656-6281 (fax)

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