UCEA Center for Leadership in Law and Education

About CLLE

The purpose of our center connects with the UCEA commitment to “advancing the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benefit of schools and children” by highlighting and promoting the leadership of education professionals in the making, administering and evaluating of the laws impacting children and the schools.

The Eugene T. Moore School of Education emphasizes the preparation of “caring, capable and connected professionals.” The work of the proposed center would expand the notion of “connected” to include influence in the state and nation on the laws providing the delivery and assessment framework in which educators pursue the education of all our children.

Thus, within the framework and goals of studying the laws affecting education, educating those who deliver this law, disseminating knowledge about the law and education, and influencing the making, amending and evaluation of these laws, the purpose of the CLLE are:

  1. To conduct, promote, sponsor and widely disseminate research on the impact of the law on the rights of children and the professionalism of educators. Dissemination includes presentations and publications designed for the public as well as those targeted at education professionals and policy makers.
  2. To improve the preparation and professional development of leaders in education regarding the law affecting education, its implementation and its impact. Our vision of leaders in law and education includes teachers, administrators, school board members, government agency personnel, legislators and legislative staffs, parents and community leaders.
  3. To influence the making of the law, and the policies and practices that flow from the law.
  4. To become the creator and sponsor of seminars, classes, national gatherings, and continuing education on the impact of the law on children in schools.
  5. To develop a wide array of partnerships in the accomplishment of the goals listed above and in the overarching goal of guiding the making and implementing of the law to bring justice and excellent education to all our children.
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