UCEA Center for Leadership in Law and Education

Policy Reports

Policy Reports are forthcoming. They will include the following topics:

The Law and The People:

What is happening in the space between the law on the books and the law in the classroom? We want to know what administrators and teachers know about the law, how they feel about the impact of the law, and what is happening in the schools
in the use of the law.

Protecting the Rights of Children:

We are studying how the law is impacting the education of underserved populations such as poor children, children in underfinanced schools, and immigrant children, both documented and undocumented.

School Boards and Control:

We are investigating the impact of federal and state law on the power and functioning of local control in a time of increasing federal and state constraints.

Teachers, Administrations and Delivery:

How does the law, in its actual delivery, help or hinder the professionals’ ability to do what is best for the children they serve? There are legal, ethical and professional considerations in addressing this question.

Justice in the Financing of the Schools:

How does our nation fairly finance the schools? Ongoing research is being conducted
into the formulas, the court cases and the evaluative systems that affect the financing of educational systems. Read more.

Early Childhood Education:

How do states effectively and efficiently manage 4K and 5K programs--or are they? We are concerned with how to educate and protect our youngest scholars.