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For all inquiries about the Outdoor Lab services and reservation information, please contact us in any of the following ways:

Phone: 864-646-7502
Fax: 864-646-3620
Email for reservation services: reservations-l@clemson.edu
Email for camps and programs: cuolcamps-l@clemson.edu

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Outdoor Lab
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0737

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Staff at the Outdoor Lab

  • Leslie Conrad

    Leslie Conrad, Director
    864-646-7502, ext. 225

  • Norman A. McGee Jr.

    Norman A. McGee, Jr., Assistant Academic Program Director

  • Janay Whitesel

    Janay Whitesel, Reservations Coordinator, Clemson University Outdoor Lab, Clemson South CarolinaJanay Whitesel, Reservations Coordinator
    864-646-7502, ext. 221
    Hometown: Seneca, SC
    Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Bowfin
    Janay organizes reservations for all events and lodging at the Retreat Center at the Lab, and is also the Registrar for Camp Lions Den. Originally from New York, she traded the cold for the South and has spent most of her life in Seneca, SC. Janay loves to spend her spare time with her "little ones" at home, and she never gets tired of New Kids on the Block or great slice of pizza. She tries to apply the mantra "Live, Laugh, Love" to her everyday life.

  • Greg Brock

    Greg Brock, Business Manager, Clemson University Outdoor Lab, Clemson South CarolinaGreg Brock, Business Manager
    864-646-7502, ext. 222
    Hometown: Honeapath, SC
    Favorite Spot at the Outdor Lab: Beaver Dam Trail
    Greg handles anything and everything business-related in order to keep the Lab up and running, and also serves as the Registrar for Camp Hope. In his free time, he enjoys sports in general (especially tennis), marriage enrichment, and teaching Rudder (the outdoor "lab") new tricks. Greg describes his favorite foods as steak and German chocolate cake, and lives by Proverbs 3:5-6.

  • Kendra Perkins

    Kendra Perkins, Recreation Coordinator, Clemson University Outdoor Lab, Clemson South CarolinaKendra Perkins, Recreation Coordinator
    Hometown: Greenville, SC
    Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Michael's mooring; Climbing tower
    Kendra runs anything programs and activities-related. Outside of the Lab, this Greenville native enjoys doing anything outdoors, exploring her eclectic appreciation for music, and tending to her self-proclaimed coffee addiction. Kendra loves peanut butter "more than any one person should," and her favorite quote comes from John Bunyan: "You’ve not lived today until you've done something for someone who can never repay you."

  • Bruce Kesler

    Bruce Kesler, Property Superintendent
    Hometown: Seneca, SC
    Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Any of the trails in the woods
    As Property Superintendent, Bruce is in charge of everything that happens "from gate to lake" on the grounds, including setup for group events and preparing cabins for lodging guests. From just down the road in Seneca, SC, Bruce enjoys woodworking and gardening when he's not at the Lab, and his meal of choice is (without hesitation) spaghetti. One of his favorite quotes is by J.K. Rowling: "It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities."

  • Kevin Fowler

    Kevin Fowler, Trades Specialist, Clemson University Outdoor Lab, Clemson South CarolinaKevin Fowler, Trades Specialist
    Hometown: Liberty, SC
    Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: On the docks
    As a Trades Specialist, Kevin is quite literally the "jack of all trades," dealing with much of the preparation, cleanup, and maintenance that the Lab requires. Outside of work, Kevin focuses much of his extra time on his family and Church, and also enjoys hunting and fishing. He is from just up the road in Liberty, SC, and when asked about his favorite food, laughs that he will eat (almost) anything, but especially loves steak with gravy and fried fish.

  • David Milner

    David Milner, Trades Specialist, Clemson University Outdoor Lab, Clemson South CarolinaDavid Milner, Trades Specialist
    Hometown: Jackson, MS
    Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Beaver Dam Trail
    At the Lab, David is part of the Properties and Facilities team; he takes care of all of the maintenance, landscaping, and cleaning needs of the grounds, and his favorite spot at the Lab is Beaver Dam Trail. When he’s not at work, David loves doing almost anything outdoors, especially backpacking and hunting, and spending as much time as possible with his son. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, David’s favorite thing to eat is fried catfish.

  • Nancy Campbell

    Nancy Campbell, Executive Housekeeper

  • Pam Garrett

    Pam Garrett, Carolina Catering
    864-646-7502, ext. 227 
    Hometown: Simpsonville, SC
    Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Hopa Cabana; Eagle's Nest
    Pam is the owner of Carolina Catering, and partners with the Outdoor Lab to provide food service for all camps and group events. Sure enough, the Simpsonville, SC native loves to cook in her free time, especially cube steak (the fried kind, of course) and salmon patties, and also enjoys travelling. Pam likes to use and live out the quote: "Be forward thinking."