Outdoor Lab

A Day in the Life

A typical day might look like the following:

 7:30                      Wake Up!

8:30-9:15              Breakfast                                              Cabins/Lorax Kitchen

9:15-9:45              Clean Rooms & Get ready for day             Cabins

9:45-12:00           Workshop I                                            Workstations/Classroom
                         (Job Training/Academic Instruction)

12:00-12:15         Clean up for Lunch

12:15-1:15           Lunch                                                     Lorax Kitchen

1:15-1:30              Prepare for Afternoon                               Cabins

1:30-2:30              Workshop II                                           Workstations/Classrooms

2:30-4:30              Work Projects and Vocational skills            Work sites

4:30-5:00              Clean up Work Areas                               Work sites

5:00-5:30              Clean up and change for Evening              Cabins

5:30-6:30              Dinner                                                    Katydid

6:30-8:30              Organized Recreation Time/Social Outing

8:30-10:00           Free/Study Time             

10:00                     Back in Cabins

11:00                     Lights Out