Pearce Center for Professional Communication

Former Clients

Since 2003, more than 176 clients, over 1,006  deliverables and 4,361 students have made the Client-Based Program a success. You can view a complete list of projects to date, which includes brief descriptions of the deliverables. If you are interested in participating as a teacher or client, please contact Ashley Cowden Fisk, Client-Based Program Director.


We have worked with the following off-campus clients:

AMECO division of Fluor Corporation
Work process procedures to train employees and demonstrate compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act

American Haitian Project

Anderson County Board of Education
Board Manuals

Anderson County Department of Health and Environmental Control
Proposal and promotional materials for Project Impact

Anderson County Museum
Grant proposal, PowerPoint presentation, and promotional materials targeting public schools

Anderson County Transportation
Website evaluation and design proposals

Anderson Emergency Food Bank
Display board, architectural mockup of soup kitchen, flyer, brochures, PowerPoint presentation and business cards

Anderson Free Clinic
Employee manual for training workers and streamlining operations, job descriptions, revisions of employee manual, presentations, handbooks, client surveys, spreadsheets, searchable database, video, patient education material, manuals for fundraisers and videos

Anderson-Oconee Speech and Hearing Clinic
Manual to train board members, brochure to promote the clinic, promotional materials (posters, mailers, PowerPoint presentation) for annual fundraiser, and website

Anderson Sunshine House

Archbold Tropical Research and Education Center on Dominica
E-marketing material

Betty Griffin House
Posters, website

Cancer Association of Anderson
Manual and brochures to promote services of the association, annual report, two marketing plans, policy manual, and website

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
Comparative report on local and organic farming and food demand in the region

City of Clemson
Booklets about city government services

Clemson Child Development Center

Yearly fundraiser (the Murder Mystery Night), created relationship between Pi Kappa Alpha (which started providing volunteer labor at the center), and website

Clemson Elementary School

Manual to facilitate maintenance of outdoor learning environments, reports and manuals to explain environmental awareness activities for families of third-graders, and promote ways for CES teachers to incorporate the school’s barn into lessons

Concerned Citizens for Animals
Promotional materials including display board, brochures, website, and website instructions

Promotional materials for after-school theater arts program

Dining for Women
Campus marketing plan, marketing materials, webpage, video, and grant writing packet

Foothills Conservancy for the Performing Arts
Promotional materials for the Brooks Center production of The Nutcracker

Foothills YMCA
Promotional materials, PowerPoint presentations for civic organizations, and capital campaign 

Frazee Dream Center
Web site and fundraising

Greenville County Library
Tutorials about business writing, grant writing, and grammar

Greenville Humane Society
Fundraising and marketing materials

Habitat for Humanity
Website, new brochure for the Anderson/Clemson area, brochure for ReStore, radio and tv ads, and social media campaigns

Happy Hooves
Newsletter, brochure, flyers, banners, and directory of students organizations to help recruit volunteers

Helping Hands of Clemson
Promotional materials, marketing campaign that included conventional media and free new social media, flyers, listserv ad, Facebook page, Google site, PowerPoint, and marketing kit

Hope Academy
Website, presentations, brochures, letters to promote the school and improve its effectiveness

Iva Recreation
Promotional materials

Keep America Beautiful
Promotional materials

Littlejohn Community Center
Website and promotional materials

Mary's House
Marketing material for “Ride for a child” fundraiser- including a billboard and website

McCants Middle School
Ethics DVD and premier event

Michelin Tire Company Research and Development
Manuals and reports to define and communicate means for searching US Government Document Management System

Oconee County Foster Parent Association

Oconee Pediatrics

Parenting Place
New logo and business cards, annual fundraising event, brochures, marketing DVD, and Christmas card/fundraising mailer for use during the holidays

Pendleton Historic Foundation
Manual for the Board of Directors, website, instructional material development, reports on restoration process for Ashtabula and Woodburn Plantations, educational brochures for Victorian mourning tour, native and medicinal Plants, and materials for Upcoming Quilt Exhibition/Show (entry form, display placard, informational booklet, and advertisement)

Pickens County YMCA
Website, video, marketing material for two events, produced 6 flyer prototypes, produced and distributed flyers, updated brochures, PowerPoints for community presentations, press releases, banners, online calendar,  logo, and t-shirt design

Sharing Inc.
Marketing DVD, brochure, forms for volunteers and liability issues

Upstate South Carolina Red Cross
Marketing plan and promotional materials

United Way of Pickens County
Created website

We Stand for Kids

Video developed the script and storyboard and then arranged for a production crew to shoot it. Promotional PowerPoint and two informational brochures. Fundraising brochure aimed at potential donors. Produced a brochure for volunteers, networked WSFK into the Clemson's FCA organization, the Clemson baseball team and the Gantt Center for Student Life. This team did a research project to measure the effectiveness of their brochure redesign


We have worked with the following Clemson University clients:

Academic Success Center
Website, video, marketing material for two events, produced 6 flyer prototypes, produced and distributed flyers, updated brochures, PowerPoints for community presentations, press releases, banners, online calendar,  logo, and t-shirt design

Advanced Writing Program
PowerPoint presentation, logo, application and other promotional materials

Bob Campbell Geology Museum
Brochures, web content and other promotional materials

Calhoun Field Labs
Reports, research posters, and brochures to promote the sustainable agriculture research at, the field labs

Calhoun Honors College
Website, promotional materials and logo

English Department
Recommendation report on going green

Environmental Committee
Sections of the University’s environmental audit

Experimental Farm
Promotional materials

Faculty Senate
Procedure manual for research compliance

Farmers Market
Brochures, presentations, and fact sheets to attract customers to the new farmers market and promote products to be sold

Forestry Commission
Report on state growth statistics, brochures on trees and development

Geology Department
Brochures/website to promote geology major

Gunnin Architecture Library Print Facility

Promotional materials to increase number of clients

Housing/Residential Services
Videos on sustainability issues including H1N1

Michelin Career Center
Marketing, networking, grants, resources, Pepsi refresh, and research

Plan and execute the yearly event

Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Environmental audit report

Podcasting Services
Podcasting and iTunesU

Redfern Health Center
Proposals and materials for an interactive healthy campus initiative

Rutland Center for Ethics
Survey, focus groups, marketing proposal and recommendation reports

South Carolina Botanical Garden
Descriptive materials about new gardens

South Carolina Urban and Community Forestry Program
Reports and training materials for local governments implementing tree programs

Urban Land Institute
Report on state growth statistics, brochures on trees and development

Utility Services
Reports and booklets to promotes the goals and activities, focusing on conservation efforts

Water Skiing Team
Created website