Pearce Center for Professional Communication

Student Sample Projects

Project Spotlight: Anderson County Adult Education Center

Anderson project: Anderson County Adult Education Center

AAEC offers high school diploma and GED programs, adult basic education (ABE) classes, English as a second language (ESL) classes, and computer classes in Anderson, SC. Two hundred students have produced over 100 deliverables including: math and reading tutor-training manuals for volunteer teachers, a SMART board training manual for AAEC staff, teaching materials, hands-on tutoring, and business letters to community organizations for student-managed events supporting AAEC. The partnership between the AAEC and the CBP has helped Anderson County adults obtain their GEDs or further their education. This partnership is also challenging GED stereotypes by positively influencing South Carolina legislators.

Calhoun Honors College

Multimodal students worked with the Honor’s College to increase student awareness of fellowships. Groups created both electronic and traditional material.

Clemson University Athletic Department

Athletic project teams

Business writing students worked with Athletic department to research ways to improve their social media presence and student attendance at events. To gather data students researched other schools’ strategy, surveyed around 1,000 students and held various focus groups. Both groups wrote recommendation reports and delivered their final recommendations to Athletic personnel.

Clemson University Environmental Audit

Technical writing classes researched and wrote both the 2003 and 2012 University Environmental Audit. In order to keep consistent data, each semester a technical writing class updates 1-2 sections.

Clemson University Housing

Technical writing students created a rap video for Clemson University Housing to promote energy conservation to on-campus students. The rap music and the lyrics are original work created just for this video. The goal of the video is to make a difference in getting more students to conserve energy on campus

Governor’s School for Performing ArtsGovernor’s School for Performing Arts

An MBA project management class and a business writing class worked to develop an alumni network for the SC Governor’s School. This project allowed graduate and undergraduate students from two colleges the opportunity to work together.

Hanna-Westside Extension Campus

Hanna-Westside Extension Campus

Business writing students worked with high school drama students to identify ethical problems high school students face. This information was collected through primary and secondary research. The drama students broke into teams and wrote and filmed scripts. The discussion guide was written to supplement the DVD and provide discussion questions and activities. A movie premier event was organized to have a public screening of the video.

NetworkbashNetworkbash with Sandy.

Student-driven yearly event to help students network. Two business writing classes develop individual sessions, determine event logistics, secure sponsorship, market event, and collect survey information. Students have produced many different deliverables ranging from proposals, marketing material, surveys, recommendation reports, a facebook page, posters, flyers, Youtube videos and five minute face-to-face pitches.

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association

Business writing students worked with Prader-Willi Syndrome Association to help “revamp” much of their media. Students created three versions of a brochure (one with the original text, one with edited text, and one template); multiple posters for doctors’ offices targeted at various audiences (of which there was no precedence); three versions of a booklet (one with the original text, one with edited text, and one template); and a new design for the newsletter and e-bulletin.

Shorewood Packaging

Three technical writing classes worked to write instructional procedures on pieces of manufacturing equipment. The classes completed 9 technical manuals some in both Spanish and English.